12 Characteristics

This month we’ll carry on discussing  the remaining 7  Characteristics of Human Consciousness on the Website. We’ll do one a month.

From January this year my health situation prevented this. 
We’re now making a fresh start!

Greetings, Henk.


The Power of the Universe is in You and it’s now time to make use of it !

Once a month a different characteristic will be discussed.
Up until now 6 characteristics have been discussed.

December 2018

What does Being Alert mean in your daily life?
It doesn’t mean that you constantly keep your eyes on everything!
It doesn’t create tension. It doesn’t make you stressed or fearful. You can
be alert and calm at the same time! Going through many experiences also
makes you alerter. It makes you think “I’m not going to let this happen anymore”,  or “I’m going to do it differently next time”.
You can also choose to be alerter because you want to consciously become aware of what you’re doing, without being distracted. The more you focus on what you’re doing, the more ‘normal’ it becomes.
It has also to do with your feelings and intuition. Why don’t you enter a
certain street, or decide to take a rest, or to do exactly the opposite and fitness
more often, eat healthier etc. Do you listen to your body, do you take notice
of your health? Does your body give you a sign? How well do you know yourself, and if you do, are you alert?
You also have ‘being alert to your surroundings’ .
You’re conscious of what’s happening with the World and all of its fellow inmates.
Seeing the changes on Earth and responding in a positive way. Above all not
concentrating on all that’s negative, but seeing that there is also something beautiful  starting to arise amongst people.
Be alert of gloom and depressions. Get a hold of yourself, speak out positive
affirmations and believe that you’ll feel better.
In this new energy you’ll become conscious of the fact that you’re the boss
over your moods and health. All you have to do is work on it in a positive
way. Get out of your box!
Always be yourself, and don’t , through a feeling of inferiority have the idea
that you have to think the same as everyone else and do what they do.
In fact  ‘Being Alert’ has everything to do with consciousness and self knowledge.

How higher your consciousness, how higher your sensitivity, how higher your awareness.

Being  aware means that you have a feeling of peace and quiet in you that doesn’t let itself be distracted by what’s happening around you. You don’t doubt. In fact you are Always sure of yourself.

You’re connected with the Universal energy. You’re open and accessible. Universal energy has no distractions.
You’re in balance, and in this state of mind you’re aware of everything around you, while at the same time only reacting to what matters to you. You have a kind of filter in your energy field that only lets through that which is important.

In fact, this kind of awareness brings you synchronicity. It means that in your daily life, all kinds of situations end up in a positive way, even when at first it looked as if they wouldn’t. With your creativity everything turns out fine.
You have the awareness of consciousness.

We also use meditation to bring us into a state of calm awareness. This doesn’t mean 30 minutes a day and the rest in stress. That’s for starters! The real mediation is keeping  this awareness all day long. It doesn’t mean that you walk around sleepy and fuzzy. In fact you’re in the highest form of awareness . It’s become a part of you. There’s no ballast in you or around you.

Awareness always comes from your inner self. It’s not something that happens through just thinking. If you have a sharp, sensitive intuition, your brain will then help you further to realise your goal. The other way round doesn’t work, not perfectly.

December 2017
Why is curiousity more important than passion? If you ask Young people “what is your passion”, how many will be able to give you an answer? Maybe a few. Most of them won’t be able to tell you, and inventing something from their brain has no point. No….. passion comes after curiousity! Curiousity comes from a free spirit. A passion grows because there’s something that suddenly catches your eye, or interests you and you’d like to know more about it. And when you know more, your curiousity grows and brings you to new discoveries that then bring you into a world you never could CURIOSITYhave expected. Why’s this? Curiousity has  nothing to do with your mind and is always open to new possibilities. When your curiousity remains permanent and goes further and further, you can then say that you have a passion! There are many examples of people who were inspired to do or discover something that didn’t fit in a logical world. People called them crazy, but they had the drive to carry on until their idea blossomed into something tangible. It didn’t matter to them if their idea only gave pleasure to themselves, or to many others also. Curiousity is not a goal, but a way of life.

November 2017

29102017 HET BEGIN009 ENGLISHThis month I’m writing a story about Observation.
Have you ever observed yourself? I mean observed what you say, or do, and what kind of influence it has on yourself or your surroundings? Lately, the word Observation has been on my mind and I started a conversation with myself. Observation is a complex word. It works in a subtle way and isn’t easy to put into words. In fact, it’s a consciousness, an insight that you suddenly get. You’re not supposed to observe with your mind. It’s a type of energy that flashes from one place to the other, without the person, animal or the object realizing it. Our intelligence gives us the possibility to observe more things at once and reacts just at the right time to take action for the right subject.

CAT00I’ve got a good example of this in our home with one of our cats. Cats are, as you know,
v e…..r y sensitive! During the past years we’ve found out that they know exactly when our senses are directed at them. It asks for a creative approach when you want them to  work in cooperation with you, – without them knowing it! It requires us to use our 5 senses all at the one time. You could call this Quantum energy. In fact observation is done with an empty head, completely via intuition!

You can sometimes get an ingenious idea while observing! One of our cats won’t let us pick him up or treat him in any way! Well, we are allowed to pet him! So, what do you do if he starts to have diarrhea everyday? Maybe it’s caused by worms, or some kind of bacteria? Crushing a worm tablet into powder and mixing it with his food had no effect. He just looked at it and walked away. In a flash, I suddenly got the idea to fill his drinking bowl with water from our red copper jug. Copper does kill bacteria. He continued to eat the same food he always ate. The only thing that changed was his drinking water. Luckily he drank water regularly. Well, how does this story end? A few days later his stools were perfect! This is what I call a successful exercise in what observation with none attachment can do.

October 2017
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29102017 HET BEGIN008 ENGLISHEMOTIONS, what do we do with them?
There are countless emotions. Too many to name!
They can be seen in everything you do. Emotions cause actions. They give you a certain feeling. You have emotions by every thought you think, by every word you use and every action you take. The experiences they give you are either favorable or unfavorable. And it is up to you what you choose to do with them!

Here’s an example of someone who crops up feelings.

My eyes feel heavy,
with tears that are still dry.
Waiting for the moment,
they can come out and cry.’

Do you hold back your tears and swallow them, or do you just let them flow? To keep your emotions balanced, it’s necessary to look them in the eyes before you can go any further. If you swallow them, you confront yourself with the fact that you don’t want them to cause you any trouble, and the tears and emotions mount up inside. You deny the feelings.

When you let them flow, you give them a way out, experience relaxation and show that you’re conscious of the fact that you do have them!  You acknowledge this. This opens the door for taking a look inside your emotional world and finding a balance.

And of course we also have tears of joy. Let’s have lots of them!

I experience a POSITIVE emotion when I’m surrounded by nature. That’s something I can’t get enough of. It always fascinates me. Years ago I studied the nests of ants. As small as they are, it was unbelievable how they, without any arguments amongst themselves, perfectly organized a whole community. We can learn a lot from them!

When I see nature being destroyed, I experience a different kind of emotion! To bring something POSITIVE to a negative situation,
I exchange my ANGER for one of love for the life around us.
Getting stuck in an angry emotion doesn’t help anyone or anything, so I choose to pass on my LOVE for nature to others by spreading the word!

September 2017

08052017 HET BEGIN3 ENGLISH 03Do we ever stop to realize how great an influence our words have, not only on ourselves, but also on others? Every sound we make has its own energy and vibration. We can create a good or bad atmosphere with what we say and how we say it. Do we only react when someone says something, or do we listen and take the time to let it sink in and answer in a peaceful way? As Masaru Emoto says: ‘Words are the vibrations of nature.’
WATERKRISTAL DANKBAARHEIDTherefore, beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the Universe. The way we talk to our children has a huge influence on the rest of their lives. Children who are surrounded by people who stimulate them with positive words, take self confidence with them into adulthood. Children who are talked to in a negative way take inferiority with them into adulthood. Here’s an example of an extrovert and intelligent young boy who loved life. He was unique, he was different.  And that’s why the problems started. His parents didn’t understand ‘different’, and instead of trying to do so, they chose to think of him as ‘stupid’.  They felt threatened by his creativity and intelligence, and instead of looking into themselves and finding ways to stimulate him , they took the easy way out and stayed in their narrow mindedness. Onbegrepen Genie E
This little boy grew up in loneliness and pain. His brother and sister, who were more ‘normal’, were looked upon as intelligent, whereas he was looked upon as a misfit. Every young child looks up to its Mother and Father with love and trust. They are the role models they want to copy, and they mean everything to them. But what happens when the child irritates them and they call it stupid? What happens when they do this everyday? The world of the child collapses and it retreats into itself, completely confused and unhappy. The mother and father who were his whole world have refused to accept him as he was.

MAKE OR BRAKEThis little boy grew up and met a young lady who loved him dearly. For her, he was the best in the whole world and she let him know this in her words and acts. Her love healed his wounds.
The energy behind the words we use is so powerful. They can make or break!

August 2017

08052017 HET BEGIN3 ENGLISH 10Here’s a metaphor about a heated discussion between two people, Peter & Tom. This wasn’t  the first time that Peter had had these kind of discussions. It seemed to be normal for him to go off the deep end with others. He was always convinced that people had to see things his way. Words flew back and forward, when suddenly, for the first time in his life Peter became aware that something that up until now he’d never been conscious of, was bubbling to the surface. He suddenly understood that his words were very hurtful to Tom. Until then, he’d never once stopped to think of the great influence he had on others. Everyone has a AHA-moment, and this sudden awakening touched him deeply. So much so, that he fell completely silent. It was as if his personality had been totally erased and he couldn’t invent a thing to say. He felt insignificant ………… he was nothing! There was nothing! Only silence ……….. How did he work this out? In a fraction of a second he’d changed from someone who always had an answer to everything, to someone who couldn’t get a word out of his mouth. And to be quite honest, it felt peaceful. There was nothing to distract him, no thoughts, emotions, judgements, fear or stress. They were all gone! He felt empty, …… he was himself! He started laughing. Laughing at the person he once thought he was, who was only busy letting off steam and producing nonsence. He was one big joke. No wonder that he could laugh at himself! He started to realise that he was now able to observe that next to his personality there was an intelligence that let him know who he really was. His ‘I am’ came out of the blue. Because he was unbalanced and for the umpteenth time got himself into a noisy and exhausting situation, he opened the door to experience the opposite! SILENCE AND STABILITY

He went from WAR to PEACE