Our Big Ego And Soul

Our Big EGO and SOUL
We need an Ego to get us from A to B, to get out of bed in the morning and lead us through the day. The problem is that we let it be the boss over so many aspects of our life. Using our head instead of our heart becomes normal.

But we need it so that we eventually can see what it’s doing to our lives, making us so frustrated, that we break loose from the collective society that has kept us in its grip.

What is a Big EGO?
It’s a reflection of the thoughts and actions of an old energy consciousness. We use it to manoever ourselfs through this busy society we live in.
It has to do with our mind and corresponding negative emotions. 
Our head is just one big thinking machine, full of thoughts that lead to all kinds of emotions. This happens automatically, without us realizing it. All of sudden a thought pops in and words pop out. Time goes by so quickly that we’re not really conscious of what we’re saying and how it effects others. We rarely pauze to find out. We haven’t got the ‘time’. In spite of this, we generally think we’re not doing too bad in managing the hustle and bustle of our daily life. That’s what our ego tells us anyway! It’s one of its many talents. Another of its great talents is that when we do something positive, it creeps in and tells us that what we’re doing isn’t right! We then start doubting ourselves. 1-0 for our Ego!

Thoughts and emotions.
We are thrown back and forward through logical reasoning and emotions. Each time we think that everything in our life is going fine, something unexpected happens to throw us off balance. It seems as if we’re not the boss in our own body. That’s right! We let our lives be filled in by others. This keeps on happening until we get so frustrated that we stand with our backs to the wall. This is a wake up call telling us that our life isn’t so great after all and to tell the truth, we’re unhappy. The good news is that we’re now willing to give some space to our heart and friendly ego. We’re now willing to open ourselves up to to creative thoughts.

The Transition
In our communication with other people we start to realize how quickly we react when someone else is speaking, very often not even giving them the chance to finish their story. We already have an answer! And to top it all, our answer very often doesn’t fit with what the other has said. Slowly, but surely we begin to realize that it would be to our advantage to listen in a non-judgemental way, trying to understand what’s being said before reacting. It is one of the first steps we can make to temporarily disconnect from our Ego.

We start to notice that how we communicate is very changeable. With one person we communicate in a certain way and with another our behaviour changes. Sometimes its cheery, charming or positive, whereas with others it’s silent, blunt or negative. For every situation or person, we seem to have a different personality. People who know us well have noticed this for a long time!
This can wreck havoc in our private life when we show more positive behaviour to a stranger than to our more intimate relationships.
Why can’t we have a neutral attitude to everyone?
If we take time to ponder on this and look for the answer by ourselves, we’re consciously exploring our thoughts and emotions.

Starting to act
Another subject in the transitional period is breaking with old habits. We break with collective thoughts and make conscious choices in our lives, without being influenced by others. This is a large step. Normally, we’re caught up in all kinds of commitments that we don’t always feel like keeping. Now we consciously choose with whom we have a relationship wit hor not and in what kind of activities we do or do not take part in. Because of this, some people may disappear out of our lives, but let’s not forget that we have the same rights to follow or own path, just as they have.

Because we now make choices, we see the two sides to everything around us.