Our Ego & Painbody

Our Ego in combination with Common sense and Emotions.
Our Ego is a survival energy, an energy of instincts (ingrained old habits). We need it to be able to function in our daily activities. What we use it for is up to us. We generally copy the ego of our society because it’s what we’ve been taught to do since childhood. Society demands it. Because of this, we’re forced to participate in the thoughts and activities of others, playing a role and living in an illusion. Other people tell us who we are, what we have to do and how we should behave. Nobody likes to feel rejected and we do our best to fit in to feel accepted.
At the same time we become more and more frustrated, and before we know it, end up in a ‘huge ego spiral’. We choose to ignore everything that makes us feel uneasy and costs effort, taking what we think is the ‘easy way out’, doing what everyone expects from us. We’re literally in phsycological pain, trying to survive in a society that ignores who we really are. Slowly but surely, we lose our intuitive feelings and end up in the grip of the collective consciousness for which we don’t have a solution.

What does this mean for our common sense and emotions?
When this happens we’re not able to see what is healthy for us, our ego dominates and our thoughts are determined by fear. Day in and day out our head rattles on. One thought after the other passes the review. “What happened yesterday, what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week or next year”! The only thing we don’t seem to be able to work out is “what’s good for us at this moment”! This moment is the only reality we have, and to ignore it means we’re trying to escape from it. This is impossible, because everything we don’t deal with has the habit of following us around and does nothing else than accumulate. Our backs will bend under all the baggage we’ve saved up! It will be stored in our body, and the more we store, the more open we become for negative influences.
Our Ego, who loves being in power, likes this situation. We don’t. Our baggage contains a great deal of emotions out of our immediate past, which we try to avoid by keeping ourselves busy with all kinds of activities.
In our quiet moments, when there are no distractions, they pop up and we’re confronted with a fit of crying, a depression, or an outburst of anger, after which we just carry on where we left off, still not aware of what’s really the cause of it all.

The Pain Body
Our Pain Body is the sum of our thoughts and an accumulation of emotional pain. This can be hereditary, from this or from a past life. It’s in all of our body cells, dominating our daily life.

Two kinds of Pain Bodies
There are two kinds of Pain Bodies.
One is agressive and is always looking for someone it can use to relieve itself of its own frustrations and pain.
The second type is of a softer character and is the receiving party of the others baggage. At first it seems that the agressive pain body is the ‘baddy’. It’s always looking for people with weak spots to whom it can dispose of its garbage. But when it finds a sensitive person and that person reacts emotionally, starting to cry or trying to fight back in some way, we then have two people who are in pain. This is a vicious circle that helps no one. It’s always the feminine energy in the woman or man that suffers.


Suppressing feminine energy.
Millions of women all over the World are mentally and physically abused and killed at the hands of athorities, men or partners because of their feminine character. This has created a dramatic situation on Earth. She is the Mother (feminine) planet that is now being dominated by destructive male energy.
How did this come about? What happened to our commom sense?
It came about thousands of years ago when the word ‘fear’ was introduced into our World. The masculine energy found out that by introducing fear into our daily life, it gained power over others. This could only happen if the feminine energy was isolated and given the role of a follower instead of a leader in spirituality.

Normally, we should have a natural mix of feminine and masculine energy, creating harmony in ourselves. Nowadays, the masculine energy is the dominant factor in both genders.
Because the feminine energy of the woman is more open to a higher spirituality, she’s more suppressed. It’s not an energy that can be found in the current intellectual consciousness. It’s a living energy that comes from the core of our being. It doesn’t hold on to rules and conditions. Those who have a strong connection with the core let themselves be led by inspiration and insights through an all embracing feeling that’s impossible for others to follow, but are in hindsight, usually right about things.


The insensitive mind doesn’t understand this as its consciousness doesn’t go so far that it knows what unconditional love means, and therefore isn’t able to appreciate feminine energy. It triggers fear and agression and all it wants to do is either suppress or destroy it.

This is the collective insanity in which we all live in, the collective dominating ego that poisons us, our invironment and the earth.

Instead of being of service, helping us to use our common sense to handle our emotions in a positive way, it acts like a dictator, forcing us into the role of being a victim.

Every child, whether it is a girl or boy, possesses feminine and masculine energies. Boys experience that our society has great difficulty in accepting their feminine side, causing them a great deal of pain. This is mental abuse.

The good news is, that we now live in a time of transition, and many sensitive children are being born. More parents are demanding help for them and society shall be forced to find positive solutions for this highly sensitive generation. We are moving into a higher consciousness and shall not accept that these children are called misfunctional. They show us that it’s our society that is misfunctional and that we’ll have to take a good look into ourselves instead of judging others, just because we don’t understand them.