Your Inner Child (2)

Innocence, Honesty and Self Love.
This is the part of you that demands innocence, honesty, joy, laughter and self love. Perhaps you experienced this during your baby years, but from the moment you made contact with the outside world, with all its rules and regulations, your inner child disappeared from the screen. You started to lead a life outside your feelings.

The society in which we live brought you constantly into stressful situations,  causing a feeling of resistance and tension.

You were once a joyful, creative and happy child …….. until…….what happened?
You went to school for many years! You were trained to make an effort, to struggle. Maybe it wasn’t always a happy situation at home. You started to have other activities  and you eventually had a work situation.

In all these situations you had many experiences and challenges. It’s possible that all you could do was try your best to survive, to fit in in some way, while, on the other hand, your heart was crying.  After many years of doing this your loneliness increased. Not on the outside. On the outside you gave the impression that ‘everything’s alright’, but when you were alone you knew that you weren’t really happy. As a young child you didn’t understand the system you were in, but did what was expected of you. If you didn’t, you got yourself into trouble! And from then on there was an inner conflict between your head and your heart. Because of this your consciousness wasn’t able to develop itself in a positive way and your ego got a grip on you. You had learned to shut out your real feelings.
You had been conditioned into becoming a person who wasn’t you, and your ego made good use of it.
Ego’s love these situations! They love helping you to make wrong decisions that come from egoistic thoughts. They love it when you’re unhappy and have negative feelings.
To get back to the innocence, honesty and self love of your Creative Inner Child instead  of the conditioned, dishonest and fearful person you’ve become, you must have the insight that using your head and ego is not the way to become happy. Look it in the eye and choose to make positive changes. Become conscious of what you don’t want and what you do in your life
You can’t change what happened in the past, it’s gone, but you can change what’s happening now. That’s all you’ve got. The most important thing to know is that nothing’s your fault, you’re not less than anyone else (or more!) and you have the right to be yourself in your own unique way. Let go of the pain, let go of all the situations that made you unhappy. Hold no grudges to those who you feel treated you badly. Rub the grudges out and start anew. Give yourself self love and self confidence. You are strong enough to overwin anything. You can be happy.
Make a serious intent to change things in yourself and in your life. See it as a positive challenge that will help you let go of things that are not working for you.

Start to make new choices in your life.

Head = Brain = Ego
Your head is a very busy organ that’s often stressed out. It produces thoughts, ideas, problems, plans, solutions, stories that are often not true and causes all kinds of emotions that tend to live their own lives. When these thoughts and emotions keep whirling around in your head while your busy doing practical work, you can imagine that it could be quite chaotic!

In this kind of situation you tend to need someone to talk to, someone with whom you can clear your head and let off steam. So, you do most of the talking and the other person listens.
When you finish, you’ve probably been able to get rid of the emotions that have been bothering you.
Just about everything that your head produces comes from your Ego, and if this continues to be your lifestyle it’s nearly impossible to receive wise insights.  In fact you choose to remain in stress, and stress is the number 1 illness on this planet.

Throat = Sound
The energies of the Inner Child that stand for Honesty, Innocence and Self-love, use your throat to say spontaneous and honest things. They make you laugh, talk nonsence, scream and cry! They let you talk in a direct and open-minded manner, make jokes, make lovely noises when they’re happy, make you cry when they’re unhappy, but always let you see the truth. Being calculating is certainly not their thing,  they love ‘living in the moment’ and do nothing else than surprise you!
The different noises they sometimes make when communicating  are to bring to your attention that your heart needs you.

Children must be able to communicate!
It’s very important that children, who are not able to communicate with those they trust do it via their throat, so that they can be heard.
If this doesn’t happen, these children shall in the years to come become quieter and quieter, or out of control. In both situations they will suffer.
Before they begin with their spiritual development……………