Higher Energy

Higher Energy is a form of energy which is all around us. The more conscious you are, the higher and greater the energy at our disposal. There are different kinds of energies with different characteristics, all present and mixed together in a kind of a soup.

You have:  your Soul, your Higher Self, your Pure Intuition, your Available Wisdom, etc.. This mix of energies is capable of doing many things that we are not conscious of just now.

That these energies exist has already been proved by science. How we use them in a positive manner for our developing consciousness is up to us. We have  a free will.
For example:
1)  you can give the different energies of the Higher self the names of different Angels, 
2)  call it a creative Soup, or 
3)  think of it as a Higher form of energy that belongs to you personally.

Whichever you choose, all you need is to believe in energies  that you can’t see with the naked eye.
Begin to communicate with one and see what it does for you!

Whatever path you take, all Higher Energies lead to one truth –  Unconditional Love –  

In the following text we use one example of how you can communicate with an Angel. Every name of an Angel represents a certain Group of characteristics that you can use in your current consciousness.

We’ll start with MICHAEL.
As soon as you start a discussion with him, you awaken your higher energies that have all the knowledge and possibilities you can comprehend. They’re just sitting patiently, waiting to be used!
As soon as you do this, you make contact with the the following forms of energy:
Power, Courage, Severing ties that are not good for you, Protection. 

These characteristics start to come alive and become a part of you. You feel more positive.
For example:
When you speak out the name Michael, thanking him for giving you more Courage  (your spirit was sinking a bit!), you attract a Courageous energy. You feel assertive instead of lonely. You feel supported and have the confidence to carry on.
In the beginning, if you don’t communicate with him by using his name, you can quickly lose grip of the new characteristics you’ve  discovered. You can forget to talk with yourself, because without realizing it, you once more feel lonely.
If, on the other hand, through discussions with your Higher Energies, your consciousness increases and you gain more self confidence, talking to Higher Energies will become a good habit!