New Human Consciousness

The Power of the Universe is in You and it’s now time to make use of it !

08052017 HET BEGIN3 ENGLISHThis Quantum Horoscope (to the right) opens doors to a new higher consciousness. Gone are the days that we looked to someone else to give us answers to our questions. This horoscope only gives 12 subjects of characteristics that can be used as a point of discussion. Now that the energies around us are lighter, we can dive into ourselves and find our own answers, answers that will help us on our journey.
A Quantum Horoscope brings our potential future to the present time. It isn’t stuck in the concept of time. At any moment,  your potentials can make themselves visable, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. You have the key in your hand! POWER OF THE UNIVERSEYou can open the door for change. Whatever you see happening around you, the more you’re willing to trust in the new energy, the more positive progress,  (2 steps forward, 1 step back),  you’ll make. Things will really change in your life. Quantum energy teaches you to welcome the unexpected. It teaches you to be flexible. This is a time when the rules of the game are different. They are new. Nothing is as it used to be. Are you ready for it? If the answer is yes, then Quantum Astrology can be very meaningful in your life.

The Quantum Horoscope

08052017 HET BEGIN3 ENGLISHTo the right you see a Quantum Horoscope with 12 characteristics  that play an important part in our life as a new human being. Every Section (House) shows a new quality, for example, section 3 stands for communication and gives the message: ‘The words that I use.’ This points out that every word has its own vibration and is based on what you say, and how you say it can attract different kinds of reactions from the person you’re talking to.

KNOPPEN ENGLISHEach month we’ll choose one characteristic and use it in a metaphor.
These characteristics can be found under the subknob:
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