05 Concepts


Believe automatically that life is for you, not against you. Believe that you’re in the middle of a huge energy shift from old to new. It’s opening new doors with immense possibilities for us. Believe it! Have patience and accept the changes in yourself, Don’t worry. Turn your way of thinking around from saying ‘What’s wrong with me, I must be ill, to my mind and body are in the middle of a transformation that will give me more tools to work with!’
Just believe it!

Yesterday, when I woke up I knew the energies were high. I was physically out of balance and my blood pressure felt high. Well, this morning that had all gone and I felt quite peaceful and calm! Maybe some of you can relate to these kind of things. Nothing is as it used to be, and when we believe that everything we’re experiencing is positive, this is what it shall be! Use this special time to keep focused, Don’t let yourself be distracted. Make use of the time to make contact with, and learn about how your body and mind work. Learn how you can heal them without running to a doctor. This is a time to believe in yourself and your power, your creativity and your wisdom! It’s also a time for acceptance and giving up resistance, a time for positive action with the belief that you can make a difference for yourself, your surroundings and that you are the strongest of the strong. You can solve any problem. Believe it! There may be many things going on in your life. We’re living in a restless time of change, but without believing that it will eventually create a better Earth and Humankind, it will be very difficult for you to feel anything good about it. Believe that every positive thought you have, every positive word you use and every positive action you take influences our world in a good way. And when our World is influenced in a good way, this reflects on us. That’s how powerful we are.

To understand the following 4 concepts you must be willing to ….. BELIEVE!

P.S. For the readers who have a chronic or serious illness, please keep in contact with your doctor.

First of all, you believe that the energy around you is changing for the best. Some readers will be saying ‘What’s he talking about? The World is in chaos!’ We can’t deny this, however,
we can do two things. Become a part of the distress, or develop our good side and be an example for others so that they won’t give up. What does the word ˜allow’ mean? Well, you give yourself permission to go with the new flow. Because it’s new, you won’t know what to expect, but when you allow change, youâ’ll be flexible enough to work yourself through it. If you can connect with the following symptoms and you’re otherwise healthy, you’ll know that your on the right track!

– Some days better than others:
– Feeling strange:
– Coordination not good;
– 2 steps forward, 1 step back;
– Physical irritations;
– Metaphysical changes;
– Mood swings;
– Forgetfulness (Have I got altzheimer?)
– One day feeling not too well, the next as bright as a button;
– Clear sight/broader perception;
– Strong emotions;
– Crying from being sad, followed by crying from feeling happy;
– Restless sleep / deep sleep;
– A feeling of timelessness;
– Depressions!

These are examples of what you can experience during this transition. A time that we need to have spiritual patience! Saying this, by allowing new energies, you open the door to a whole lot of unexpected possibilities. Instead of resisting, you surrender to an energy which leads to a new world and a new you.

Showing compassion to another living being is the most wonderful thing. It lights up their day and gives them hope. And it doesn’t cost a thing. A compassionate nature is the future of our planet. It’s a nature of giving, not taking. Away with all our judgements and criticisms, away with treating our precious planet, with its energy, air, water and earth as commodities to be used as we please. No more misusing its oceans, mountains, forests, and all of its inhabitants. The new human being has feelings, not only for himself, but for all of life. For me, being compassionate means that I’m in contact with the intelligence of the Creator. The Creator is nothing else but love and compassion. Being sensitive to the needs of all life, whether that be of the earth self, another human being, an animal or a plant. In our daily lives we’re often involved in situations with people who are anything but compassionate! This is a great training! Everytime that something irritating happens, we’re confronted with ourselves. Can we get rid of our own ego?Are we able to keep our calm? Are we able to not have our feelings hurt? Have we enough space in ourselves to feel compassion for the person who seems to be having a difficult time? Yes, compassion takes us to a higher level! It is a healing proces both for us and Mother Earth. The more we practice, the better we’ll get, and the more compassion we have on the way for ourselves, the more we’ll learn to have it for others.

4. SPIRITUAL INSIGHT: Seeing the Creative Source in everything
Many things come to mind, for example: People, animals and plants, the oceans, jungles and mountains. All of nature.They all have unique energies and came here to live their lives in a way that was natural for them, not as the servants of humans. Human beings look at other living beings as objects, thinking that they themselves are the only ones with the spark, but without the rest of nature, we wouldn’t exist at all! Where do we get all this arrogance from? And then there are the material things. Are they too part of the creative source?
Seeing the energy of God in everything that lives is not too difficult to understand and embrace, but being asked to see God’s energy in cars, houses, tables and chairs asks a bit more of us. But why not? If everything on Earth has a vibration, that means that it has energy, and energy comes from the Creator of this Universe, which makes absolutely everything a piece of God! It all comes down to our free will and what we create with it. Do we use it positively or negatively? It’s easy to see the Creative Source in things you feel good about, but what happens when things happen that you don’t like? That’s the real test. Believing that everything happens for a reason helps. We’re here on a journey of life which has its ups and downs. We learn and grow from both of them, but the most we learn from are ’the downs’. They make us stronger and wiser. They teach us to dig deaper into ourselves and appreciate our lives.

After reading the past 4 concepts, I think that PATIENCE is the perfect word. There’s only one little hiccup. We all know that we are magnificent timeless beings, that’s not the problem, it’s our human side that’s always in a hurry. Spirituality is not something we can force our will on.
We’ll get our confirmations and insights at the right time, when we’re ready for them.
I can remember that it was years ago when I wanted positive changes to happen in my relationship. They didn’t , and I just let go of the idea and forgot about it. Now, just recently and out of the blue, these changes have happened! This shows that when the intentions are good, they will materialize sooner or later. Never look at others and compare yourselves to them! We all work our way through life in our own unique way. We can’t always understand others and they can’t understand us. That’s no problem. We all do it differently, and differently doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. Just stay relaxed. Sometimes we’re quick, sometimes slower. There’s no time limit! The meaning of time was introduced by humans, not the Creator. The most important thing is that you believe, digest and understand the words in the first concept. When you do this, you will naturally be able to work through all five in your own tempo.